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Letter From MD

Our Dearest Valuable Friends,

On behalf of Good Samaritan Myanmar Travel & Tour, I would like to wish you all: Min-Ga-Lar-Bar. (Blessed Day)

Allow me to introduce myself. For nearly 15 years, I worked in one of the best-known hotels called; THREE SEASONS HOTEL in Yangon, Myanmar as Manager. During my time there, I acquired the experiences and skills necessary to successfully work in the hotel and tourism business. I also met many wonderful people from different parts of the world such as Eastern and Western Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Central America, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

During my service, I received many excellent recommendations and acquired a good reputation among the guests who stayed at the hotel. They were very proud of and delighted with my services, experiences and abilities.

Many guests, who stay in hotel, did not have any itinerary for their stay. They came unprepared and do not know where to go, where to stay except my hotel and how to travel around Myanmar and many had little time to do their traveling. After meeting them, I consulted with them and wrote up the specific itineraries for their visits, arranging everything including transportation, accommodations and other necessary details for their convenience, from with the hotel, in a matter of hours. They were both delighting and surprised at the level of my services and abilities.

At the end of their trips, when they got back to the hotel, many gave me a big hug and said thanks for all my arrangements, commenting on how smoothly things had gone and how much time and money I saved them. I was very grateful for their appreciation and pleased that they had allowed me to arrange such smooth tours for them.
During my 14 years at the hotel, there were no complaints about me or my services from anyone who stayed and met the hotel. This is a good sign for my future aims and intentions.

Moreover, whenever I met the guests I communicated with them as a good friend or family member, treating them with patience and respect to provide them with a “Home Far from Home.”

After I resigned from the hotel, I decided to go into the business myself with some experienced partners for the International guests. I was able to establish a Company called: Good Samaritan Myanmar Travel & Tour of which I am Managing Director of this Company I am eager to serve as a Myanmar Tour Specialist because I so enjoy this sector that I have been involved in for so many years.

However, if you plan to come to Myanmar, please join us and we will make sure you enjoy and get value for whole of your trips and we assure you we will always strive to provide you with our best and excellent services with friendly staffs.
If you need any assistance regarding your travels is sure to contact we will be glad to assist you in any way.
Finally, please keep in touch. We are expecting to receive your mail.

Thanking you and see you soon.

Respectfully yours,
Ivan Edwards
Managing Director


Let’s Take the Country Road to meet the different Tribal people to explore and get a Real Taste of the Untained Nature and Beauty of Myanmar & Its Landscape and Amazing Places by Good Samaritan Travel & Tour. We are destination management’s services base our best serving, satisfactions and respecting to provide for our Customers who are “Home Far from Home”.